Mystic Convent Pastry

Mystic was born of our passion for gastronomy as both cultural and humanistic element.

Mystic is an adventure we want to share, it originates from a re-discovery of traditional confectionery, little known due to its dispersal and humility, but rotund in its flavour and texture and innovative in all its hues. In its quest, we arrive at its latest legacy, produced by a group of women who decide their existence in an unconventional manner, dedicating their lives to spiritual perfection, understanding work as being part of this and their means of subsistence; daughters of a tradition they uphold in their method of creating and making, with all their specialties homemade (with neither preservatives or colorants), made with love and affection, one by one and by hand, with the techniques and the time required by their trade.

Mystic does no more than gather a sample of their work and present a selection of the biscuits and chocolates they make so that you may taste them.

Appreciate the biscuits made under the aegis of recipes kept secret behind convent walls and passed down and extended from generation to generation since the Golden Age. Where the use of dried fruits and Mediterranean essences predominate.

Savour the delicious chocolates which will amaze you with the singularity of their creations, from the classis bonbons, the elegance of truffles and the charm of their combinations, toying with cherries, figs and dried fruits.